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  1. So we're switching bottles again!

    These are white HDPE bottles with no dropper inside. Let us know what you think, we may keep these or go back to the 15ml dropper when the problem with those is sorted. Unfortunately our supplier is having issues with their supplier. The knock on effect continues down the line ... 

    We're doing our best to sort it out this end which has been difficult due to it being sprung on us and no time to search for a suitable replacement. But I like these new little white bottles. Let me know if they're easier for you? 

    Claire x

  2. Hello eveyone

    Hope you had a good summer hols. Our school was back on the 30th August, it just seems wrong going back to school in August!

    So we are back on track with orders .. If you haven't got yours yet you need to email us as we've tried to get in touch about a couple of wrong address' but haven't heard back from you yet...

    At the beginning of next week we should be back down to a day or next day dispatch. At the moment we're on a 3 day maximum.

    New oils coming in soon .. Look out for Mistletoe and Ivy, very Christmassy!

    And that's it for now .. Keep smelling gorgeous!

    Claire x

  3. Hi everyone

    We are now closed till the 30th August 2017. You can still order and also get a discount while you're at it, but remember your parcel won't be dispatched till we re-open..

    Use the code summer17 for 10% off your order

    and use the code summerhol for 20% off orders over £100.

    Thank you

    Have a lovely summer holiday!