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  1. Hello all

    We're nearly there! I hope you're all sorted. I of course am not (as usual)

    So Christmas closing dates will be from the 21st December to the 28th December.

    If you place an order on the 20th December and opt for rm24 or rm48 you should still get this before Christmas. On and after the 28th we're open as usual, the only days we won't be posting will be days the post office is shut.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Claire x

  2. Hi everyone

    As you know we had a lot of trouble with MyHermes actually getting the parcels to you. So much so that we had to scrap them completely and move over to Royal Mail. To keep track we have to use 'signed for' delivery. It helps you keep track of a parcel and helps us when parcels go missing, not signed for simply isn't an option when selling online I'm afraid.

    Ok, so we still get a lot of emails asking us to pop it in the bin if out (or round the back under a porch, through a cat flap, in a caravan, under a hedge etc)
    This can't happen with signed for deleveries unfortunately. What can happen though is you can nominate a neighbour to sign for your parcel if out (England, Wales). I'm including a link to the information you need to do this HERE ...

    It is just filling out a form at the local delivery office which you can do when you have to go and collect a missed parcel.

    It's a great idea and will help with all Royal Mail deliveries in future..

    Hope that helps!

    Claire x