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  1. Hi Everyone

    We have some new oils coming soon.

    I would like to get some feedback on them if anyones willing?

    We will send you 50ml in 'Million Dollar Gal' 'Frenzy' and 'Noir' (AKA Lady Million, Fahrenheit & Pomegranate Noir.) We are looking for someone to test the fragrances in their products and give us an honest opinion on them. 

    If you are an experienced soaper and/or chandler send us a message and we can start from there .. Thank you!

    Claire x

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year!

    A few of you have noticed our stock issues at the moment. Unfortunately we have had a rather large delivery go awol but we'll be back to normal next week.
    In the meantime why not make good use of our 50ml sale, stock up on the winter/Christmas oils. You can make your stock and store now or just save the oils in a cool dark dry area till we get to that time again!

    On another note, we've had to update a small section of the terms & conditions. Where we asked for pics of damaged items before, we now must insist on it. Unfortunately we can't make a claim or issue refunds/resends without this info. Don't worry if you haven't a camera, items can be returned and we will pay postage. This only affects a tiny percentage of orders, we have to say the majority are delivered in perfect condition! But if a damaged item has occured please take a pic ... Thank you

    And finally, it's great to be back open again ... We will be joined by another member of staff soon, Kobie. She loves all things smelly like us and can't wait to get stuck in! Here's to a great 2016 for you all!


    Oh, p.s. The free postage option at checkout is for those of us who finalise an order then realise they missed off that one item we went on for! I'm guilty of it! .. Please email us to let us know if you've added an item on and we can make sure we ship everything together. And to those of you who have used the free postage option as the only option for postage (not for an add on item) .. Cheeky, we're very sorry but we will have to cancel and refund the order (I know it's worth a try though hey ;) .. Claire x

  3. Hello everyone

    We will be closing from the 18th Dec to the 4th Jan for the Christmas hols.

    All orders placed on the 18th before 12pm will be dispatched before we re-open. 

    You will still be able to order while we're closed but goods will not be sent out till re-open date. 

    And yes, there will be a discount code to use while we're closed ... 10% off all orders under £100. 20% off all orders over £100.

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year from us here at ScentyMental xxx