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  1. Hello all 

    Our Summer closing dates will be 16th - 29th August (inclusive).

    All orders placed before 12 noon on the 15th August will be dispatched before closing on the 16th. You can place orders in the closed period and we will provide a discount code for you to use while we're closed but parcels will not be dispatched till re-open date 30th August, or shortly after.

    We'll use this time to re-jig the site, fully stock up for Christmas and get all the documents for the oils together .

    Hope you're all enjoying this wet Summer!

    Claire x

  2. Hi all

    If you buy our 15ml bottles of oil you will notice over the next couple of weeks that the bottles are different. Unfortunately our supplier had a bad batch of our usual HDPE bottles so we've had to switch to PET bottles for the moment. This isn't a permanent change, we'll be back to our usual soon ... It really isn't important but I thought I'd let you know what's going on.

    School summer holidays have finally arrived here and as usual we'll be closing the site for a little while so we can fight spend time with the kids. This will be towards the end of August, will finalise dates asap and let you know. We will be stocking up on Chrismas oils and offering our usual holiday discount codes so a good time to get super duper organised!

    Speak soon

    Claire x

  3. Hi all

    Just a quick note about CLP as I've had a couple of messages through. We are going through the oils alphabetically, hopefully we'll get done soon ... Please be patient with us *sweet smiles* ... We will do a listing soon where you can buy CLP label templates/SDS 10% for your own blends. We hope to get it up and running within the next week.

    In other news don't forget our Fragrance of the Month ... This month it's Acai Berry, a new fragrance oil, we hope you like it! Give it a test while it's a bargain!

    Happy creating!