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Hi Everyone

We have some new oils coming soon.

I would like to get some feedback on them if anyones willing?

We will send you 50ml in 'Million Dollar Gal' 'Frenzy' and 'Noir' (AKA Lady Million, Fahrenheit & Pomegranate Noir.) We are looking for someone to test the fragrances in their products and give us an honest opinion on them. 

If you are an experienced soaper and/or chandler send us a message and we can start from there .. Thank you!

Claire x

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  1. Janet Geddes

    Hi after reading your blog I'm interested in testing your oils I also have a few friends who test for me I make soya wax melts So would have a few opinions of the smell both cold and hot throws Thankyou REPLY FROM SCENTYMENTAL - Thank you so much for your offer Janet, unfortunately we are hoping to find testers for candles & especially soap makers. But do really appreciate your offer, Kind regards, Claire x

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