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Hello eveyone

Hope you had a good summer hols. Our school was back on the 30th August, it just seems wrong going back to school in August!

So we are back on track with orders .. If you haven't got yours yet you need to email us as we've tried to get in touch about a couple of wrong address' but haven't heard back from you yet...

At the beginning of next week we should be back down to a day or next day dispatch. At the moment we're on a 3 day maximum.

New oils coming in soon .. Look out for Mistletoe and Ivy, very Christmassy!

And that's it for now .. Keep smelling gorgeous!

Claire x

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  1. Kristin

    Hi do you know when the aroma beads and christmas scents that are out of stock will be coming in? Xx REPLY FROM SCENTYMENTAL : Hi Kirsten, The beads are due back Monday, unfortunately we can't give an oil date as there is a delay. We were supposed to be getting a few back last week but not shown up yet .. Hopefully very soon! Kind regards, Claire

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