More 15ml bottle troubles!

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So we're switching bottles again!

These are white HDPE bottles with no dropper inside. Let us know what you think, we may keep these or go back to the 15ml dropper when the problem with those is sorted. Unfortunately our supplier is having issues with their supplier. The knock on effect continues down the line ... 

We're doing our best to sort it out this end which has been difficult due to it being sprung on us and no time to search for a suitable replacement. But I like these new little white bottles. Let me know if they're easier for you? 

Claire x

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  1. Keistin

    Do you know when Jack Frost and mrs Claus cookies is coming in. I've got a basket I need to purchase but trying to hang on for a few more Christmas scents x REPLY FROM SCENTYMENTAL : Hi Kristin, hopefully tomorrow but if not next week. It's hard to give an exact date on the oils arriving but as soon as they're here we put them on site. Kind regards, Claire

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