How do you try to be more eco friendly?

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We are all waking up to the fact our planet needs help and changing little things we can here and there. You may have noticed we have changed our parcel tape to paper tape on small orders. The larger heavier packages we still use fragile tape but hope to change this in future. We mainly use paper to pack our parcels  and any air bags or bubble wrap packaging that comes in always gets reused.

So with all the concern over plastic use I'm wondering how you package your wax melts? The clamshell packaging is so convenient isn't it? Mould and packing all in one! Hey presto! But with single use plastics becoming a cause for concern I'm hoping to hear from some of you who have consciously made the decision to try another way... 

Maybe you use jars, or tins or cardboard?

I'd love to see your ideas ..

If you'd like to send pics of your finished products I'd happily add them to this post with a link to your selling place. Let's have a nosy! 

Claire x

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