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Fragrance Oil info- 

All our oils can be used for home fragrancing products. Candles, wax melts, hanging air fresheners etc 

We often get asked if our oils can be used to fragrance bath and body products, the answer is some of them yes, but please click on the oil you're interested in and scroll down to the info box where you can check if that oil is definitely ok for B&B products. It will clearly state NOT SKIN SAFE if the oil is for home fragrancing use only.

DOCUMENTATION - You can find the relevant documents for each oil on the listing of that oil. The documents we include are as follows ...

SDS - Safety Data Sheet. Our oils are highly concentrated, the SDS is designed to let you know all about that fragrance oil and safety precautions/hazards involved while handling it. 

ALLERGENS - These have a list of the declarable allergens for labeling handmade soap and bath & body products.

IFRA - International Fragrance Association. This is information on the safety levels a fragrance oil can be used in different products. Please bear in mind the maximum percentage is sometimes higher than we ourselves would recommend. We would never recommend using a fragrance oil in cosmetic products at over 5% even if IFRA states otherwise. Please remember the allergens and test your products thouroughly. Also IFRA will state a fragrance oil can be used at over 10% for candles & wax melts. This doesn't take into account that wax will only hold 10% fragrance before possibly leaking out. 

SDS at 10% - These safety data sheets are needed if you supply your candles/wax melts/home fragrancing products to retail outlets.

CLP at 10% - (Classification, labelling and packaging). If you make home fragrancing products to sell to the general public you will need to label them to get allergen/handling information to the consumer. If you need a CLP label at a higher percentage or for a blend of your own fragrances please get in touch.

Please note - SDS & CLP documents will contain our business name and address, you will have to edit these to your own details. Thank you



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