How to make/fragrance Aroma Beads


Firstly what are they? .. Aroma Beads are small translucent plastic beads that can absorb up to 30% of their weight in fragrance oil.
Depending on the fragrance oil used the scent can last upto 6 months. They are ideal for use in potpourri,  or as car air fresheners, drawers
scenters etc.
They make ideal wedding favours or gifts. The aroma beads look radiant in organza bags or on their own in a pretty bowl. Aroma beads are
easily coloured and hold fragrance extremely well. Mix and match different colours for a prettier look. Let your imagination run wild!

What you will need

Aroma beads | Glass jar with screw on lid (clean out an empty jam jar?)| Fragrance oil | Dye (optional) Oil based, Liquid candle dye
is perfect| measuring device..lets say a tablespoon to start with.

How to ...

As a starting point we will go off the measuments 8 tablespoons of beads to 1 tablespoon of fragrance oil.

1. Scoop 8 tablespoons of beads (level off, though don't worry too much about getting an exact level tablespoon) and add to the glass jar.

2. If adding dye do it now, 1 or 2 drops depending on the depth of colour you require.

3. Add a tablespoon of fragrance oil, if you have added dye add the fragrance oil immediately after so the dye and fragrance oil blends well.

4. Screw the lid on and shake! ... leave to stand then after half an hour, an hour or 2 hours (random intervals) give another shake ..
repeat this process till the oil has been absorbed.

At first the oil doesn't look like it will soak into the beads, it will look a slippery concoction, but after a while you will notice the oil
drying up (actually being absorbed by the beads) .. carry on shaking the jar at random intervals until no beads stick to the sides of
the jar at all.
When ready the beads will feel dry to touch.

Tips and troubles - In my experience I have found leaving the glass jar in a warm place will aid the absorbtion. Some oils will take longer
than others to be absorbed, for example Lime Oil can be absorbed in an hour or less whereas a Jasmin Oil I have used took a week to fully
be absorbed!

After you have a feel of how your fragrance oils will act on the beads you can change your recipe to add more or less oil as you see fit.
Remember Aroma Beads can hold upto 30% fragrance oil, it is unlikely you will use so much oil, but with a milder fragrance oil you might
find adding more helps the scent throw.

Now you can enjoy your aroma beads and practice getting creative with them!