How to make Massage Candles


Firsty, what are they? A massage candle looks much like any container candle however when these candles are lit and the wax and oils
melt you can use the warm skin loving oils as a massage lotion. These are pure luxury!

I have tried many recipies for massage candles but this is the one I have found to personally work best. Later on I will suggest some
substitutes you can use instead of the ingredients here, basically so you can get the right massage candle for your skin type.

What you will need

Dermatollogically tested wax 2oz

Shea Butter 1oz

Sweet Almond Oil 1oz

Skin friendly fragrance oil or essential oils 5ml* (5ml maximum, you won't need that much if using essential oils or strong
fragrance oils) ..*check the recommended percentage of oil to carrier you can use as per manufacturers instructions

Small container ... I used an aluminium tin with a diameter of 3inches (this will be important for the size wick you use)

Tabbed wick, Eco 10 worked well for me with the diameter of the tin above

Glue tab

Microwavable bowl/jug

How to ...

Firsty prepare your container and wick, stick the glue tab to the tabbed wick and firmly press it down in the center of the container
(must be centered as this will affect how the oils and wax melt, you don't want one side melting more than the other!) then we can
leave this to the end.

As soy wax can be melted in the microwave we'll keep this simple and use the microwave! , if you don't own a microwave use the double
boiler method, that is, a pan of  simmering water on the stove with a bowl inside to melt the wax and butters, much like you would melt

Add the soy wax and shea butter together in the microwavable bowl/jug. Heat in the microwave in short bursts of 45 seconds, take out,
swill around and back in the microwave for another 45 seconds ... repeat this till the wax and butter has thouroughly melted.

Next add the sweet almond oil and fragrance oil/essential oils to the melted wax & butter .. gently stir till the ingredients have blended

Next wait a couple of minutes for the wax to cool slightly (it will give your candle a better look if poured at a cooler temperature) and then
pour slowly into the already prepared container, if the wick bends prop it up by balancing a knife/spoon/lolly stick over the container and
letting the wick rest on it.

Leave without moving till the wax and oils harden, this can take longer to set than a normal container candle.

Finally, when hardened you can trim the wick to half a cm.

It's a good idea to leave the candle in a cool dark area for about 3 days to give the fragrances used time to infuse and settle.

To use your massage candle ..

Light, let the wax and oils melt, if you can wait till it reaches the edges of the container you will make it last longer .. then blow the candle out,
test the heat of the oils by dipping your finger in (soy wax has a low melt point and won't feel as hot as you imagine) you can then pour or
scoop the oils out and use as a massage lotion.

Recipe substitutes ..

Substitute shea butter for cocoa butter, or use a combination of both .. if using both remember it will be only half an ounce of each needed.

Substitute sweet almond oil for jojoba oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil or again you can use a combination which should add
upto 1oz.

Wicking problems ..

In this recipe we have used a eco 10 size wick, if you use a container with a smaller diameter you may have to downsize the wick, and if
larger upsize, also if you change the recipe the wick could not work as well as it could (burns too fast or flame goes out etc)

A good idea would be to buy a sample size packet of wicks, you can then find the perfect one for your recipe and container.

Finally, if you try this recipe and like it, please let us know!