Make Aroma Ornies/Hanging Air Fresheners


Firstly what are they? .. Aroma Ornies are hanging air fresheners, perfect for use in the car! 2 heart air freshener

What you need ..

Fragranced aroma beads (can be coloured or plain) | Biscuit/cookie cutter, must be metal | Baking tray | Oven | Roasting bag
(this isn't a must but I find it invaluble to keep a fragrance free oven) | Ribbon or elastic | Darning needle and skewer.

How to ..

Firstly turn your oven on to 150°C/ Gas mark 2/ 300 F

While the oven is warming place your biscuit/cookie cutter on the baking tray, pour or spoon the aroma beads into the cutter .. you want
to aim for about 3/4cm depth, or at least make sure you can't see the baking tray through the beads, next carefully place in the
roasting bag
and then into the pre-heated oven, middle shelf.

Now make a cup of tea!

It won't take long for the beads so slightly melt, about 5-8 minutes. A tip to know they're ready - the beads will start to glisten & if you
gently shake the tray the beads won't move around the cutter. Now take them out and let them cool.

When cool to touch you can now take your aroma ornie out of the cutter mould. Now just to add the ribbon or elastic for hanging.
With your skewer pierce a hole in the aroma ornie, then thread your darning needle with the ribbon or elastic and push through the
pierced hole. Tie on tight (make sure you make a loop to hang from) and you now have your aroma ornie ready to use!

Tips & Tricks...

The instructions here are to make 'bobbly' air fresheners, If you want a smoother look to your ornie leave in the oven longer (around
20 minutes)

If using brand new biscuit/cookie cutters wash first! I have noticed the newer the cookie cutter the harder it can be to remove your
ornie from the mould. You can also rub cooking oil around the edge of the cutter (before adding the beads and cooking) to help ease
them out.

Other ways to make the hole .. Use a leather hole punch or before adding the beads to the cutter, balance a flat headed nail on the
baking tray and add the beads around it, when cooked and cooled remove the nail for the hole (I personally find the leather hole punch
the easiest way to make a hole).

Use 2 or more coloured beads .. looks great!